Monday, October 18, 2010

Nyx Bronze Smokey Look Kit

I was feeling really left out because I was not able to get Naked palette by Urban Decay. I like the idea of having a complete palette of eyeshadows and lip colors that are portable. I decided to try the palettes from NYX. This palette has 9 shadows and 2 lipcolors.It retails for $11. Love the eyeshadow. Although I have to make sure I blend the colors that have glitter in them very, very well. If you don't the color will separate. It doesn't settle in the wrinkles, it avoids them and that's just  as bad. I used mac prep + prime eye in medium/ dark on  my lids, and to darken the outer corners of my eyes I used mac black greasepaint stick. My favorite color is in the first row left. It matches my lid color perfectly. So if I want a quick out the door look, I through that on with some mascara and go! The lip colors aren't great. They fade to pure glitter. They will make your lips look greasy. You could probably make them work by using them as a highlight color in the center of your lips. I don't want to work that hard. I just want a color to put on and know it looks good. kwim! 

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