Sunday, October 31, 2010

Kat Von D Painted Love Lipstick Set

                                  Celebutard, Lolita, Cathedral, Underage Red, Hellbent, Rosary 
What a great way to try 6 lipsticks! Beware, these samples are very small, but there is certainly enough to try the lipstick more than a few times. I love sets and kits because you can try a variety of products from a line. This one is all lipstick. The lipsticks are all very pigmented. The lightest shade, Celebutard is the least pigmented and the deepest shade, Rosary the most pigmented. I am very surprised that I like all of these colors. I was afraid of the reds. In the tubes Underage Red looks like a silly color. It is bright, very cool Red. Normally I would not even look at a color like that. It is beautiful on. The other red, Hellbent is a warmer red almost burgundy. There was little difference between the two on my lips. That was surprising because they look so different in the tube. The two mauvey colors are the exact opposite. They look very similar in the tubes, but you can see that Lolita is on the cool side and Cathedral is warmer. They are both very pretty. The darkest shade of the bunch is a great fall color if you plan on doing a dark lip. I generally do not use colors like this. I was still looking for the perfect nude! This is a pretty very pigmented color. It goes on the lips very smoothly. If you are a dark lip fan, try this color. The lightest shade, Celebutard is a bit chalky and I had to put a gloss on top or else it settled int the lines in my lips. My lips are not smooth and the tend to get dry so I have to use a lip balm first or nothing works. Overall I am thrilled with this purchase and plan to get a full size of all of them.

The Reds
Underage Red, Hellbent          Hellbent, Underage Red

Roary ( flash)

Rosary ( natural light )

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  1. Might I suggest Agatha, Lovecraft or Ritual? Agatha is very pale, but the other two are wonderful naturals