Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

This was my attempt at a chola look. It kinda' looks like a cross between chola, Aunt Jamima in drag!! I had to cover my eyebrows for this look. I referred to a tutorial by Kandee Johnson and Petrilude for covering the brows. Kandee J also has a tutorial on a chola look. It's really  good stuff.You have to take your time or else you will end up with a gummy mess! Be warned this next picture is truly frightening. And here is Whoopi  G(ha ha )


Kat Von D Painted Love Lipstick Set

                                  Celebutard, Lolita, Cathedral, Underage Red, Hellbent, Rosary 
What a great way to try 6 lipsticks! Beware, these samples are very small, but there is certainly enough to try the lipstick more than a few times. I love sets and kits because you can try a variety of products from a line. This one is all lipstick. The lipsticks are all very pigmented. The lightest shade, Celebutard is the least pigmented and the deepest shade, Rosary the most pigmented. I am very surprised that I like all of these colors. I was afraid of the reds. In the tubes Underage Red looks like a silly color. It is bright, very cool Red. Normally I would not even look at a color like that. It is beautiful on. The other red, Hellbent is a warmer red almost burgundy. There was little difference between the two on my lips. That was surprising because they look so different in the tube. The two mauvey colors are the exact opposite. They look very similar in the tubes, but you can see that Lolita is on the cool side and Cathedral is warmer. They are both very pretty. The darkest shade of the bunch is a great fall color if you plan on doing a dark lip. I generally do not use colors like this. I was still looking for the perfect nude! This is a pretty very pigmented color. It goes on the lips very smoothly. If you are a dark lip fan, try this color. The lightest shade, Celebutard is a bit chalky and I had to put a gloss on top or else it settled int the lines in my lips. My lips are not smooth and the tend to get dry so I have to use a lip balm first or nothing works. Overall I am thrilled with this purchase and plan to get a full size of all of them.

The Reds
Underage Red, Hellbent          Hellbent, Underage Red

Roary ( flash)

Rosary ( natural light )

Friday, October 29, 2010



Yeah! I have a haul. I am excited about everything I received. First up Kat Von D Tattoo chronicles lipstick. It contains 6 sample size lipsticks. These are really small, but they are a great way to try different colors. When I saw these online I liked all the colors and I love them IRL! I will play with these and post pictures soon.
                                          rosary,hellbent,underage red,cathedral,lolita,celebutard

Next up, oh buy the way I got the lipstick and this set from philosophy using my Friends and Family code at Sephora. I have wanted to try this line by philosophy since it came out. I haven't been able to because it's too expensive and I have a lot of stuff from other kits to finish up first. I have a moisturizer and a back up to use before I move on, and tons of other stuff. I'm trying to be good, but it's hard.

This next thing I'm over the moon about. I wanted to get the smash box holiday set of shadows ( not what it's called ) as part of my Friends and Family purchase from Sephora. It has really beautiful colors in it, and it's a good size. I happened to be on the QVC site and saw that Smash Box was offering this mega kit that included all the eyeshadow colors that were in the other set that I wanted from Sephora.........well here it is! 64 eye shadows, 8 lip glosses, 3 highlighters, 2 blushes, cream liners, eyebrow wax and eyebrow powder.

And last but not least........ The Naked Palette by Urban Decay. Now let me just state for the record, I was willing to wait until it was available again. I didn't get it when it first came out because I was too slow on the draw. Kandee Johnson blogged about very early on, and said to run out and get this palette, and I didn't believe her, and then we all know what happened. So I was happy with what I recently got....... and I get an email from UD stating that my name was on the wait list and they had a shipment of palettes to send out to people on that list. I had 48hrs to respond. So I have my Naked palette in my hot little hands. I know it's OOOld news. You don't need a picture, but here it is.

And that's it for now. I have a lot of things to keep my busy for some time!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Lip Service

My lips get very dry in the winter, complete with peeling and so on. In the summer they are still dry and I have to keep a lip balm of some kind, with me at all times. My lips rebel against matte lipstick. The color settles in the lines in my lips. I can't blame my age for that one. They have always been like that. This year I have wanted to try a lip scrub. I gave The Lip Strip by Laura Geller a try. I figured that they are all the same. The main ingredient being sugar. This one has a peppermint flavor. It kinda' tingles when it's on the lips. I love it!

A little dab will do ya'

Now just rub your lips together a few times and rinse! Ahhhhh i'm ready for lip balm and lip color of some sort.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sephora Friends and Family Code

I'm sure everyone in the US is already aware,but the code for this year is ff2010. I am going to get a couple things. What are you getting? It runs from now until November 3rd. Happy shopping!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Benefits Porefessional

This is from the Sephora website:
A PRO balm that minimizes the appearance of pores.What it does:The POREfessional quickly minimizes the appearance of pores. Apply this silky, lightweight balm to achieve translucent pore coverage and smoother-than-smooth skin. you see 'em, now you don't!What else you need to know:Oil-free. Instructions included.

You get .75 oz. for the price of $28. The product is more silky than creamy. It is a really gross beige color. It looks like it has oxidized. Eewwwww. It goes on silky smooth and dries instantly. I used it on top of my Laura Mercier Primer, which I love. The results are minimal. As you can see I have ugly large pores. So maybe I’m asking too much of this product. It does exactly what it says, it will minimize the appearance of pores. It will not make them disappear. If that is what you are looking for, this product will disappoint. I will continue using it, but I won’t repurchase. It wasn’t That special.

Can you see a difference? I used this product on half my face. Can you tell which half?


So, did you choose the correct side. It is very subtle. Nothing life changing, but I can see a small difference.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Nyx Bronze Smokey Look Kit

I was feeling really left out because I was not able to get Naked palette by Urban Decay. I like the idea of having a complete palette of eyeshadows and lip colors that are portable. I decided to try the palettes from NYX. This palette has 9 shadows and 2 lipcolors.It retails for $11. Love the eyeshadow. Although I have to make sure I blend the colors that have glitter in them very, very well. If you don't the color will separate. It doesn't settle in the wrinkles, it avoids them and that's just  as bad. I used mac prep + prime eye in medium/ dark on  my lids, and to darken the outer corners of my eyes I used mac black greasepaint stick. My favorite color is in the first row left. It matches my lid color perfectly. So if I want a quick out the door look, I through that on with some mascara and go! The lip colors aren't great. They fade to pure glitter. They will make your lips look greasy. You could probably make them work by using them as a highlight color in the center of your lips. I don't want to work that hard. I just want a color to put on and know it looks good. kwim! 

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Moisturize Me

The best moisturizer for my skin is Hope in a Jar by Philosophy. I really like this stuff. I can almost hear my skin say AAHHHHH when I apply it. It's so crazy to have oily skin that still craves moisturizer. I would never have used it when I was younger, but should have. Hope in a Jar has a very unpleasant odor, but it does not linger. I have tried When Hope is not Enough and When hope is not Enough with SPF and I do not care for them. The first one has a weird texure and is very heavy and the second one is a little bit greasy. I need more of my favorite, but I have to finish the other two before I can restock : (

Every night I use their retinol cream, Help Me. Retinol gets rid of dead skin cells and helps speed up skin cell turn over. It will help shrink large pores. I really notice the effects of this cream when I stop using it. I have tried a retinol cream from Neutrogena and did not like it at all. It didn't do anything for my skin. I used it all because I think you really need to give a product a real chance to work. Unless it starts doing bad things to your face. If a product harms your skin stop using it, obviously.

Once a week I use the Microdelivery Peel. It smells of oranges and has exfoliating grains in it. The grains are fairly large, but not too large. You apply the scrub first and then add a solution that makes the scrub get foamy and heat up slightly. It really feels good and will leave your skin very soft.

The Philosophy line has really done wonders for my skin. I wish I had taken better care of my skin sooner. I was always trying to get rid of acne by totally stripping my skin of any oil and moisture. I still broke out and my skin was still very oily. My body was trying to but back the moisture that I kept taking away. So you young ladies out there with oily skin, moisture, moisture, moisturize your skin. Use an oil free, or water based product. Try a few and see which product is right for you.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

50 year old virgin

My very first post on blogger. This blog is intended to be all about stuff I like. This is just for me not the mom-me, just me. We'll see how long it lasts.
The biggest problem I have in my fifties is my skin. Now, my skin has always been a problem. I have very oily skin with large pores and it is prone to breakouts. What I found that made the biggest difference was the Clarisonic. How did I manage without it? It will deep clean your skin and get rid of all the makeup you wear day to day, and it leaves your face super smoooooth! Along with my Clarisonic I use Purity Made Simple by Philosophy. It is very gentle and is great for removing makeup even waterproof mascara. Be careful when rinsing this cleanser off because it will stings your eyes. I am all done right? not, now my super oily skin is begging me to hydrate.