Saturday, September 13, 2014

Viva Glam Rihanna 2

I must start my review with the swatches of the lipstick and the lip glass. I must say these are two of the ugliest swatches ever! If I only had this to go on I would NEVER consider buying this product. What I did see was the promo of Rihanna wearing this shade and I said "gotta have it!"

Really? How ugly are these swatches!

First the lipstick, Mac is calling this color frosted metallic mauve. I really don't know how to describe the color. It is dark(ish) metallic bronze with a hint of mauve. I would never wear a frost because they tend to make my full lips a bit too......much. But there was something about the color that I just really had to try. The lip glass is a metallic rosey color with lots of glitter or glimmer. Glimmer is somewhere between shimmer and glitter.

Looks more bronze here!
How amazing is the packing!

Viva Glam Rihanna 2

 I think they actually work well together. I used the gloss only in the center of my lips. I love these colors. I am sure it won't suite everyone, but if you are into a more bold lip statement you must check this one out! Even if you aren't, I am certainly not one to be bold with lipstick colors. I love my rosey, mauvey shades, but I love it.

Sunday, June 8, 2014


Believe the hype
I have been a fan of the brow products for many years. I bought the kit that had the brow stencils, brow powder ( wrong shade, never worked for me ), an excellent pair of tweezers, clear brow gel THAT I STILL USE!!!! so gross. The highlight pencil, that I will have forever and a duel end brow tool that had a angled brush on one end and a spooley on the other. I use the zippered case to hold all of my eye products that I use on a daily basis. The case is in pitiful condition but it is a perfect size, and has awesome compartments. Memba' this kit? mine is a wine color.

Well fast forward a few years and the star of the moment is the Dipbrow pomade. I have seen it hyped up on youtube and since the old brows are getting kinda sparse, I have been looking for the perfect brow product.
Great sharpener included

I have been using the powder eyebrow pencil from Dior in sand I thought the color was close but I thought I needed a bit more red in my brows the sand was a bit flat. The pencil itself is good. I does go on like a powder but throughout my day it would mix with the oil on my face and turn a bit pasty. If I touched my brows ( accidentally )it would smear easily. Anastasia Beverly Hills new brow products that would stay put? well it got my attention. It is smudge free and water proof. You can't ask for more. They have also introduced more shades. I bought auburn and I chose this color after seeing the shades online. After seeing it IRL I went ahead and bought it. Tried it as soon as I got home. I used the brow tool that I had from the previous kit and I think it is perfect. It lasts all day without smearing and without changing in consistency after mixing with my oily skin. I am thrilled with my purchase.I also picked up a new clear brow gel, finally.
Before ( no makeup )

After ( brows and lash primer )

Thursday, May 22, 2014

MAC Alluring Aquatics

I was at the mall by 9:30am just'a settin' in my vehicle. waitin' for the store to open. Now, the mall that is close to me is quite large and open, so one can go to the mall and have a bite to eat or lounge while waiting for the stores to open. I did just that. I just sat and did a bit of people watching to kill time. 10:00am and lets go!

I knew what I wanted. Two lipsticks and both blushes


Lipsticks: MYSTICAL


First of all the packaging is what got me. I mentioned that in the previous post. I think the color is cool and the raised droplets are out of the ordinary. I will cool you off just by reaching for these. They are made of cheap plastic. very light weight, but that doesn't bother me, it's makeup. Mystical is a cool rose, cremesheen. It goes on easy and creamy, it falls apart slightly on application so you have to make sure it goes on smoothly. Has the typical MAC vanilla smell, which I do not like. It is a very vibrant color worn alone, so I will probably tone it down a bit with another shade for everyday wear.

Enchanted one is a matte finish. I did not realize that until I applied it. It is a peachy tan color much lighter in person than it appeared on the website. I can not wear matte lipstick alone. It will settle into every line in my lips. I have to put a lip gloss over it, or else it is too uncomfortable on my lips. I do like the color if  I apply it with a light hand......and gloss!
no gloss over top, yikes!

ahhhhh, glossy and smooth

close up of the lipstick tubes

As for the Extra Dimension Blush described as a liquid - powder blush with prismatic reflections. It has a sheen to it but I feel primatic is a bit of a stretch.I say that now as I have not worn it yet. It may change with wear. I will have to see. As I have mentioned before, I have very oily skin, so I will use this as a highlighter blush. So excited to try them out. I bought both shades and both are very pretty. SEDUCED AT SEA is described as a midtone neutral there is nothing plum about this color. I think that's a typo. It is a cool apricot, beautiful shade and the other, SEA ME HEAR ME is described as a beige pink. That one is aptly named

I like the things I picked up. They are moving fast though, so if you are on the fence about anything, you need to get going. It sold out on line. It seems the lipsticks an blushes are going first. So go get yours!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Got to admit, the image for this collection is pretty awesome. I wanted something from this collection because of the graphics ( sucker!!! ) I picked up the quad because it looked safe enough. It reminded me of the quint from Chanel that came out around Christmas of this year. You can see the two shades that are similar below. The Chanel shadows are softer and way more pigmented, and of course they are not quite the same shade.  


Chanel "Charming"

Needed a black liner. I have been using a cream liner that I like but by the end of the day it slides into my eyes and burns like crazy. I have to wash it off immediately. I hope this will stay put. I have used a felt tip liner before. I think it was the liner from lancome, but the same thing happens. It burns my eyes. We will see!

The highlighter only came in one shade. I'm sure it wasn't made with me in mind, but it is a brightener. It is suppose to bring a soft sheer wash of color to the skin. Use it over makeup for highlights, touch-ups or under makeup to brighten and prime. This is according to the description form mac. this is similar to YSL's touche eclat which I did have and liked alot. 
I want to go back and pick up the red lipstick even though I don't wear red lipstick very much. It just looks like a real pretty red. This is a pretty basic collection, nothing too special or exciting about it. I am looking forward to the Alluring Aquatic Collection that comes out online May 15th and in store May 22nd.  

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Hourglass Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation

A new foundation! I have been using this for a couple of months now and I love it! I have very oily aging skin. Well what does that mean? My skin is very oily but it is also very dehydrated. That's the aging part. It is really kind of bizarre to have skin that feels thirsty like it desperately needs water but feel like an oil slick. Some foundations tend to slide off my oily skin and leave me looking oily and blotchy.......lovely. I am very excited about this one. It is oil free and mattifying!

I have the shade Chestnut. I wasn't sure at first because it is a bit warm, but as you can see it blend into my skin perfectly. I would see it is a medium coverage and leaves the skin looking like skin. I like makeup to enhance not completely cover every flaw. I use half a pump and press it into my skin with my fingers. starting from the center working outwards. I avoid my forehead because I don't need foundation there. I then use a flat top kabuki ( Sigma F80 ) to blend it out.
Then I'm ready for whatever will come next.......depends on the day.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Divergent Swatches

How long did it take for me to get to this? bad blogger, bad. So here are my swatches!

ABNEGATION eye Palette

Most of the shadows are matte with the exception of Golden Honey, which is a shimmer. If you choose, you may layer the Transform color over the matte shades. I found that this shadow falls apart when layered it would probably behave better if it were used wet.

DAUNTLESS eye palette

I have to look to see if I swatched  diverge a beautiful mossy, bronzey green, so pretty. Dauntless ink is a very matte, very black and nicely pigmented. Serene vanilla is a good brown bone highlight color for brown skin. It doesn't go chalky and horrible.

ERUDITE eye palette

 My favorite palette because of the very safe neutral colors. As you can see burnt mahogany is matte but I put a bit of choose over top to show how it will add shimmer to base shadow. Choose is a lot like transform but seems to hold together a bit more. Transform just turns into fairy dust. 

and lastly the blush palette is called DIVERGENT CHEECK PALETTE (original )

The first swatch is the highlight gleaming pearl. It adds a golden highlight to the cheeks very pretty. Both blushes are quite nice. I have worn both shades. Obscure coral looks kind of scary in the "pan", but fear not brown skin can handle it. Misty rose can be a bit chalky looking, but if used with the gleaming pearl it gives the high points of the cheeks a rosy glow.

I am enjoying this palette as a whole. I think they are a good size, not to big or bulky and the end pieces that contain the glittery, transforming shades come off.

 I carry the glosses with me and apply them throughout my day. My favorite? Temptations Choice, yes the very shade I was least excited about trying. It adds a shimmer to any base shade and just livens it up, and I love the minty tingle they have. Go figure.