Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Green Eyes

I never ever would wear green eyeshadow! Green and baby blue are a definite no no, but I have learned so much on various beauty blogs. I now have a greater appreciation for these colors. I didn't think I would look good with green, blue or heaven forbid, silver!!! I will be trying a silver look for New Years! We shall see.

I used my mega palette from Smashbox. I love this thing. Everything is great! The eye shadows are very pigmented. Th e brow wax and powders stay put and the lip glosses are very moisturizing. It was a great buy. I got it from QVC for around $50? I have to check, but whatever it was it was worth every penny.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Holidays!

He said that I would not look good in red. Well I do believe he is wrong. I kinda like red lips. I have yet to leave the house with such a bold color on, but I may have to. I may be red lipstick girl for the new year!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Perfect Nude

The winner mac SISS!

I have been searching for the perfect nude lip color. This quest is still incomplete. I have gone through several combinations of lipsticks with gloss over it, and nothing was right. Here are some of the colors I have used in the past that were all wrong.

I was really excited to try Call my Bluff from mac. I used the lip gloss You've Got It over it. It just was not what I was after.

The look I was after is seen below. I wanted something that would compliment my skin tone because as you can see below, these models have different skin tones and lip colors, so they would not use the same lip color to get the nude look.

The color below is from NYX. It is called Uranus. A very unfortunate name. I know it's the name of a planet, but still. I mean what am I going to say? I am wearing Uranus on my lips. That's just wrong! I do like the color, but not to produce the nude lip that I was going for.

Another try with Peony by NYX. I like this color also but it is nowhere near a nude. These lip colors are nice, but the formulation is not. They go on streaky and you have to work with them to look good on. They are very moisturizing though.

I even tried these two colors from Revlon. Nope! The color on the right is called Hazelnut the other one's name excapes me at the moment

So some of my winners are Celebutard by Kat Von D, Siss by mac, and Creampuff by bare escentuals ( not shown ).

call my bluff, Uranus, sis, celebutard