Friday, October 22, 2010

Lip Service

My lips get very dry in the winter, complete with peeling and so on. In the summer they are still dry and I have to keep a lip balm of some kind, with me at all times. My lips rebel against matte lipstick. The color settles in the lines in my lips. I can't blame my age for that one. They have always been like that. This year I have wanted to try a lip scrub. I gave The Lip Strip by Laura Geller a try. I figured that they are all the same. The main ingredient being sugar. This one has a peppermint flavor. It kinda' tingles when it's on the lips. I love it!

A little dab will do ya'

Now just rub your lips together a few times and rinse! Ahhhhh i'm ready for lip balm and lip color of some sort.

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