Thursday, October 18, 2012

L'Oreal Lingering Mocha

I was flipping ( sorta' ) through the current issue of ELLE magazine and a little something caught my eye. I am still trying to find a lipstick that I can just grab and put on without a mirror. You have one I bet. You know that kind of lip color that will work no matter what you are wearing. A perfect my lip color, but better kind of color. Nude but not chalky or ashy. I saw this color and it looked perfect. I thought maybe the color in the magazine was just a bit too red and maybe it would be different in person. I found it it Target and it did look a bit spicy. They should have called it Spiced Mocha. I thought I would give it a try anyway.

                                                             "Spiced Mocha" Right?

This is the lip color worn by Uma Thurman for her ELLE cover shoot

On my hand it looks mauve, spicy mauve

It goes on smooth. There is very little slip, but as it wears it can feel a bit dry. It does not look particularly dry, but it feels that way on my lips. If you like a glossy finish this may not appeal to you. I used Hover Lip liner, by Mac.
 Lip gloss: Natural by NYX
My lips tend to feel dry so the semi matte finish bothers me. It looks great but just feels as though it's drying my lips out. I even use a lip balm before I applied the pencil and lip color. Love the color! and I have been reaching for it a lot as I'm running out the door!