Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Beauty Blender

My current foundation routine.
I start with a super clean face. I use my Clarisonic AM and PM. I love my Clarisonic! If you have large pores or skin that is acne prone you must have one. So after I clean my face I moisturize with Hope in a Jar by Philosophy.

I heard about this product from Tiffany D. She's a beauty guru on youtube. She just raved about it so I thought I would give it a try. It is great for my oily skin and large pores. The texture is similar to the product by benefit the PORE fessional. It is creamy but dry, if that makes sense. It has a chalky texture. I was not impressed with the PORE fessional product at all, but the Primed and Poreless product really works! It primes your skin beautifully if you are using foundation and best of all it can be used alone. If I'm just running errands and I don't need a full face of makeup I can just use this and my skin has a more even smooth appearance. Love it! I apply it with my fingers. I get a more even application with my hands than with a brush or the beauty blender.

I use the beauty blender to apply my foundation. I saturate the sponge fully and squeeze out the excess water. You need to squeeze until nothing drips from the sponge and then it will be ready to use. I put a very small amount of my Teint Idole fresh wear in the shade SUEDE 2w on the fat end of the blender. I use the one for normal to oily skin. Love this foundation. I do find that it oxidizes so do not start with a shade that is too dark for your skin. This shade is an exact match for my skin. If I use too much it gets too dark by the end of the day and looks awful. I have to use a light hand and I find if I mix it with YSL. It is perfect.

Can't tell you how much I love this. I wish they made this in darker shades, but #9 is the deepest shade they make and it is a shade too light for me. I use this on all of the high points of my face. The bridge of my nose, my cheeks, the nasolabial folds and such. I use the beauty blender to blend the two shades together on my face. I do not mix the two before hand.

Now my face is ready for the rest of what is to come, if anything. If it's the weekend I will just add mascara, fill in my brows and add lip gloss. On my lips I am wearing velvet matte lip pencil in the shade SEX MACHINE by Nars and the gloss over it is L'oreal Colour Riche #805 Soft Nude.Eye brows are filled in using brow wax and powder by Smashbox. I don't have on any mascara in these photos. That's it. I love the beauty blender. I clean it after every use. I use whatever soap is in my bathroom at the time. I deep clean it once a month using alcohol. Just be aware that the alcohol will make the color run. Thumbs up beauty blender and Two Faced Primed and Poreless!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Tiny Sephora Haul

I got this stuff a while back and have been able to use it, or in some cases not use it. Some of thing s that I really love from this haul are. The tiny sample of CLEAN fragrance in cotton t-shirt. It smells of bleach and fabric softener, really. If you hate the smell of bleach you won't like it at all. I love it especially on hot sunny days. It is definitely a summer fragrance.

I also picked up a nail polish by OPI in Going Nude, Eh it is a yellow based nude. I do love pale colors for my nails especially in summer. Now that it is getting cooler here in Cali. I usually go for dark shades like Lincoln Park After Dark. I like this color. I don't love it. I find that yellow based colors make my hands look pale. I prefer warmer, or rose based nudes.

Nothing special about the lighter shades

Picked up the stila eye shadow palette in Naturaleyes. Stilas answer to urban decay Naked palette.....NOT! Urban decay eye shadows are far superior. They have better staying power, better color pay off. Stila eye shadows are very chalky. They tend to have fall out. The color doesn't stay where it is put when packing on the color. There are some pretty colors. My favorites are the darker colors like sunset, sandstone and ebony. If you have the Naked palette you really don't need this at all. They best thing about it is the smudge stick eye pencil in Damsel. I think it is supposed to be waterproof. It is not on me, but it is super soft and glides onto the eye without pulling on the lid and it smudges beautifully!