Sunday, May 4, 2014

Divergent Swatches

How long did it take for me to get to this? bad blogger, bad. So here are my swatches!

ABNEGATION eye Palette

Most of the shadows are matte with the exception of Golden Honey, which is a shimmer. If you choose, you may layer the Transform color over the matte shades. I found that this shadow falls apart when layered it would probably behave better if it were used wet.

DAUNTLESS eye palette

I have to look to see if I swatched  diverge a beautiful mossy, bronzey green, so pretty. Dauntless ink is a very matte, very black and nicely pigmented. Serene vanilla is a good brown bone highlight color for brown skin. It doesn't go chalky and horrible.

ERUDITE eye palette

 My favorite palette because of the very safe neutral colors. As you can see burnt mahogany is matte but I put a bit of choose over top to show how it will add shimmer to base shadow. Choose is a lot like transform but seems to hold together a bit more. Transform just turns into fairy dust. 

and lastly the blush palette is called DIVERGENT CHEECK PALETTE (original )

The first swatch is the highlight gleaming pearl. It adds a golden highlight to the cheeks very pretty. Both blushes are quite nice. I have worn both shades. Obscure coral looks kind of scary in the "pan", but fear not brown skin can handle it. Misty rose can be a bit chalky looking, but if used with the gleaming pearl it gives the high points of the cheeks a rosy glow.

I am enjoying this palette as a whole. I think they are a good size, not to big or bulky and the end pieces that contain the glittery, transforming shades come off.

 I carry the glosses with me and apply them throughout my day. My favorite? Temptations Choice, yes the very shade I was least excited about trying. It adds a shimmer to any base shade and just livens it up, and I love the minty tingle they have. Go figure.

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