Thursday, May 22, 2014

MAC Alluring Aquatics

I was at the mall by 9:30am just'a settin' in my vehicle. waitin' for the store to open. Now, the mall that is close to me is quite large and open, so one can go to the mall and have a bite to eat or lounge while waiting for the stores to open. I did just that. I just sat and did a bit of people watching to kill time. 10:00am and lets go!

I knew what I wanted. Two lipsticks and both blushes


Lipsticks: MYSTICAL


First of all the packaging is what got me. I mentioned that in the previous post. I think the color is cool and the raised droplets are out of the ordinary. I will cool you off just by reaching for these. They are made of cheap plastic. very light weight, but that doesn't bother me, it's makeup. Mystical is a cool rose, cremesheen. It goes on easy and creamy, it falls apart slightly on application so you have to make sure it goes on smoothly. Has the typical MAC vanilla smell, which I do not like. It is a very vibrant color worn alone, so I will probably tone it down a bit with another shade for everyday wear.

Enchanted one is a matte finish. I did not realize that until I applied it. It is a peachy tan color much lighter in person than it appeared on the website. I can not wear matte lipstick alone. It will settle into every line in my lips. I have to put a lip gloss over it, or else it is too uncomfortable on my lips. I do like the color if  I apply it with a light hand......and gloss!
no gloss over top, yikes!

ahhhhh, glossy and smooth

close up of the lipstick tubes

As for the Extra Dimension Blush described as a liquid - powder blush with prismatic reflections. It has a sheen to it but I feel primatic is a bit of a stretch.I say that now as I have not worn it yet. It may change with wear. I will have to see. As I have mentioned before, I have very oily skin, so I will use this as a highlighter blush. So excited to try them out. I bought both shades and both are very pretty. SEDUCED AT SEA is described as a midtone neutral there is nothing plum about this color. I think that's a typo. It is a cool apricot, beautiful shade and the other, SEA ME HEAR ME is described as a beige pink. That one is aptly named

I like the things I picked up. They are moving fast though, so if you are on the fence about anything, you need to get going. It sold out on line. It seems the lipsticks an blushes are going first. So go get yours!

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