Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Got to admit, the image for this collection is pretty awesome. I wanted something from this collection because of the graphics ( sucker!!! ) I picked up the quad because it looked safe enough. It reminded me of the quint from Chanel that came out around Christmas of this year. You can see the two shades that are similar below. The Chanel shadows are softer and way more pigmented, and of course they are not quite the same shade.  


Chanel "Charming"

Needed a black liner. I have been using a cream liner that I like but by the end of the day it slides into my eyes and burns like crazy. I have to wash it off immediately. I hope this will stay put. I have used a felt tip liner before. I think it was the liner from lancome, but the same thing happens. It burns my eyes. We will see!

The highlighter only came in one shade. I'm sure it wasn't made with me in mind, but it is a brightener. It is suppose to bring a soft sheer wash of color to the skin. Use it over makeup for highlights, touch-ups or under makeup to brighten and prime. This is according to the description form mac. this is similar to YSL's touche eclat which I did have and liked alot. 
I want to go back and pick up the red lipstick even though I don't wear red lipstick very much. It just looks like a real pretty red. This is a pretty basic collection, nothing too special or exciting about it. I am looking forward to the Alluring Aquatic Collection that comes out online May 15th and in store May 22nd.  

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