Sunday, March 30, 2014

Divergent Limited Edition Collector's Kit

Have you seen this? I was on Sephora's website a few weeks ago and saw the collector's kit. The colors looked great and it was limited edition. Cool, i'll check it out, mais non. It was sold out on line I went to a few stores, sold out. I finally found one at the Sephora in JC Penney. First of all I didn't even know Divergent was a movie. I am guessing this kit and palettes are a nod to the movie. There is a multi- piece collector's palette that contains 3 eye shadows, a bronzer,blush and lip gloss for $32.50, a 7 piece nail art kit for $27.50 and  this collector's kit.

The kit contains 3 limited edition eye shadow palettes, a cheek palette, four lip glosses and a double ended brush, all for $59.50. The brush is a bit scratchy and I won't be using it. I have lots of other brushes that I prefer.  There is a little sleeve on the lid that contains 3 double sided cards that have inspiration looks on them so you can " get the look." I'm going to start with the 4 lip glosses.


I do love the packaging. They are plastic with a metallic plastic tapered cap. I like the flattened shape because when you set these down they don't roll away. It has a basic "doe foot" applicator.The formulation of all of these are very light and fluid. These are not thick and sticky. They also have a minty smell, like those plumping glosses. I know I can use these over the mauvey, rosey shades I tend to wear. 

Fear Not is a deep mauve color. if your lips are pigmented like mine it will blend in with your lip color and just give you a nice gloss, not a heavy " I just consumed a bucket of chicken " gloss.

Natural Virtue is a pale mauve shade. It is very pretty and will lighten deeper plum, or brown shade and make them more of a deep nude beige.

I am wearing Naked 3 colors on my eyes!

Supreme Ritual is a pale "nude" color or a light beige gloss. It is lighter and more cool than Natural Virtue. This one was a bit more fluid than the other two also.

I was not very eager to try this one. I do not like shimmery, pearlescent gloss on my lips. They tend to make my full lips look greasy and gross. G & G not a good thing. I was very surprised when I put this one on. I actually like it!
Overall There isn't a dud in the bunch. I like all of these and I will be using them often. I do not mind reapplying lip products throughout the day. I have very dry lips and I always want something on them. I will be back to swatch the eye shadows and the blush in another post! TTFN!! 

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