Wednesday, December 14, 2011

NYC Show Time and Sky Rise Mascara

After using a $29 mascara by Lancome I decided that I would go back to see if NYC had some more mascara that I could try. I came across a thickening mascara NYC Show Time, and a lengthening mascara NYC High Rise.

Sky Rise $1.99   Show Time $3.99

Brush for Show Time is similar to Lancome Definicils precious cells

I like the narrow Sky Rise wand

I like the wands on both mascaras. I like the bristle brushes over the plastic brushes. I really don't think the Show Time mascara thickens my lashes any better than the Sky Rise. The Show Time tends to clump a tiny bit, but that is the nature of a thickening mascara. The Sky Rise is perfect. It does not clump and I like the narrow brush because it is easier to get those tiny lashes at the inner corners of the eye.  You can't go wrong for $2 - $4 bucks. The mascara that I was finishing up was the Lancome Definicils Precious Cells. It is a good mascara it works just like the NYC Show Time, but of course the Lancome mascara is suppose to be a lash treatment. I swore my lashes did look healthier/fuller without mascara on. I don't know if I imagined it because I needed to justify a $29 mascara, or what. My only complaint with the Definicils Precious Cells is that when my eyes water the mascara will run. I know that it is not water proof, but it runs more that the NYC mascaras.

NYC Show Time Mascara

without mascara

now I moved the bottom green line down to the middle of
my lashes so anything above the top green line is
additional length! 

The bottom green dotted line shows my natural lash line. The top green dotted line is 50% greater than my natural line. NYC Sky line claims the lengthen up to 50%, so if you get 1% increase in length then their claim is true. I would definitely repurchase the NYC mascaras. Not sure about the Lancome only because of the price.


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