Saturday, January 15, 2011

NYC Lash Precise Defining Mascara: Update

I can't believe how much eyeshadow I used for this look and it looks like nothing at all. I had so much black around my eye for this cat eye look that I had to take it off before I went to run some errands. I used the naked palette mostly, buck, naked, creep and sin as a highlight. I love this palette. The liner is Bobbi Brown gel liner in black, set with creep, NYC lash precise defining mascara in black. On my lips creampuff by bare essentials or escentuals with milani HD advanced lip color in Classy Nude on top!

plastic bristles

I have used this mascara for 2 weeks or more. I still like it. I doesn't flake or smear. It doesn't make my lashes hard. I like it and will probably repurchase. You just can't go wrong for 2 bucks! That being said, I don't have complaints about my natural lashes. They are reasonably long and have a good curl, so my mascara doesn't have to be anything special.


  1. Those bristle brushes are magic! My mascara I use does flake, because of the cheap products quality, but I am going to try this product out. Nice lashes! :)

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